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Do you remember how you felt when your baby first had symptoms? You wanted answers and you wanted them right away. This book can help other parents who are in the same position find the information and help they need.

When my baby was first diagnosed with reflux, I had never heard of reflux in children. I was vaguely aware of acid reflux in adults but didn't know it could affect children. My husband and I scrambled for information. This was in the days before the internet, so the only literature was medical journals and a slip of paper from the local hospital with three paragraphs of home care advice. I vowed that other parents who needed information wouldn't have to search so hard. That's why I wrote The Reflux Book: A Parent's Guide to Gastroesophageal Reflux.

I have almost no marketing budget to let parents know about this book. There are simple ways you can help other parents find this book when they need it:

  • Call your local newspaper and tell them The Reflux Book was helpful for your family. (See a sample article about another disease book )
  • Order a copy for your local library.
  • Buy a copy for your doctor.
  • I have bumperstickers available that say Send me an e-mail and I'll send you one. Free.
  • Ask your local newspaper to do an article on reflux in children and mention the book. Send an e-mail to me by clicking Contact on the main menu and I'll send you complete instructions and customizable press release. Newspapers love stories like this.
  • Would you carry a canvas tote with this image on it? Would you be willing to pay for it? I will order them if enough people want them. What if I make iron-on transfers and you put them on your own bags?
  • Call your local Mom's Club, La Leche League or church group and ask for a few minutes to talk about the book at their next meeting.
  • Ask your local, independent bookstore to carry The Reflux Book. The ISBN is 97801615182698. It is in Books In Print.
  • Offer copies for sale at your place of business - discounts available.
  • Contact Intensive Care Parenting with any other ideas. Use the Contact button on the left menu.